Our Opportunities Program focuses on motivating high school youth to complete their education using basketball as a catalyst. This is done by providing area youth with college preparatory and counseling programs, ACT/SAT preparatory training, career counseling, assistance in applying for college financial aid and scholarships, optional basketball training programs, and the facilitation of interaction with college basketball programs regarding recruitment of LIVE HOOPS athletes.  Youth from low-income families are targeted for this program but all youth in the Valley can  participate in this program. LIVE HOOPS cannot guarantee college recruitment to any student-athlete who participates but can show them how to broaden their collegiate options. 

Our goal is to motivate high school youth to continue and complete
their education by using basketball as a catalyst and by providing them with
educational, athletic, and counseling programs to assist in their successful
transition into collegiate student-athletes. Ultimately, increasing the number of youth who attend college, complete their degrees, and return as productive individuals who strengthen our local communities.

The student-athlete will receive instruction/guidance in the following areas:

  • College Search/Registration Process                               
  • SAT/ACT Preparatory Training/Referral
  • Career Guidance                                                                 
  • Basketball Training (Optional – Fee Based)
  • College Financial Aid Guidance                                      
  • Basketball Recruitment Assistance
  • Basketball Skills Evaluation                                            
  • Academic/Athletic Collegiate Plan Created
  • Mentoring             

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